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Behavioral Health Services

Highly Effective Behavioral Health Treatment

The Center for Specialty Behavioral Health Services provides clinically proven psychotherapy for children, adolescents, and young adults with behavioral health challenges. We also provide collaborative consultation to schools, providers and organizations to help them help others.

Effective treatment begins with effective and accurate assessment. We identify behaviors that can impact quality of life. Proper assessment is a critical first step on the path toward wellness. 

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The Center for Specialty Behavioral Health Services specializes in treating children, teens and young adults with a wide range of behavioral challenges. From depression to anxiety, to trauma and autism, we deliver tangible results that improve lives.
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Evidence-based treatment (EBT) means that treatment is backed by actual science and scientific evidence. Research underpins our treatment protocols. The efficacy of our treatment plans is science-based.
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Family Focused Treatment.

Together we can do what none of us can do alone. The journey to a new wellness touches many lives. Our family-centric approach has proven to be best for your child, and for you. You've been looking for answers and something that will help, but most of all, you've been looking for hope. The Center for Specialty Behavioral Health Services can offer you that hope. 

Young Adult Focused Treatment.

Young adulthood can be one of the best times of your life. But it can also be really hard. Dr. Gajee has helped many young adults overcome depression, anxiety, trauma and social difficulties. And she has helped them learn to enjoy being themselves. She can help you.

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Because Experience Matters. 

Quality of care can be summed up in two words: Experience and Compassion. Dr. Nancy Gajee has a heartfelt commitment to changing the lives of her patients. Her compassion has been noted by peers and clients alike. Her experience spans everything from directorship-level roles to Harvard Medical School affiliates and more.

Our Mission

To improve lives for our clients and their families through the application of proven evidence-based treatment.

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